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Who are we ?

        Efe Glass was established in 1991 with the association of those who set their heart on the art of glass. Efe Glass operates in Kucukkoy, Istanbul with 22 tons of daily production capacity, 10.000 square meters of indoor production capacity and 300 employees; and since its establishment, it has made its place among the most prominent companies leading the art of glass, with its production of illuminating glasses and glassware by combining material, design and R&D works to create glass objects. Working with international standards and principle of quality in production, Efe Glass provides services with quality raw material, high technology production machines and professionally trained manpower. Adopting the production of quality products with the years of experience and knowledge as a principle, Efe Glass continues working with this passion and accomplishing its passion for glass with the spinning, pressing, Schiller and mouth blown groups.

        The illumination and glassware products manufactured with this love by Efe Glass decorates the shelves of many elite stores in many countries around the world, especially in Europe and America today; furthermore, it offers a wide range of products such as single glass, table lamp, armature, chandelier glasses. The glassware product group contains the glass accessories for the bathroom, and table top products in accordance with the fashion and daily trends of the customers.

        The products of Efe Glass, which attract attention due to its human and design focused production, are used in many widescale multi-housing projects, which especially contain TOKI and KIPTAS projects within the country.

        In addition to the production of the glassware group and illumination group, Efe Glass is also engaged in customized projects, and manufactures with its high product and service quality according to the demands.

        The project analysis and consulting team of Efe Glass that serves in this field to meet such demands has always been there for the customers to ensure right product selection and mould formation.

        Transparency is one of the most important factors in the glasswork. It is possible that this factor is not as much as important for other materials, as it is for the glass; because the glass is not as much apparent as the other materials due to its transparency. Explaining the art of glass by combining the world of dreams and ideas and by following the glass technique is the element that attaches Efe Glass to this art the most. As it is a producing company, Efe Glass has a great advantage to integrate the customer demands into the art of glass; the products which are manufactured in the production base of Efe Glass through many factors from art to love, from fire to elbow grease, and through the sensitive touches of 5 senses are the transparent glasses created by the combination of fire and breath in which the dreams come true, and the objects that come to life in skilled hands. The artist souls are touching fire with love to add another new piece to the culture and future artworks here. The glass goes through many phases in order to exist in our lives here. The glass comes to life here, and takes its place on the shelves under the principles of quality and customer satisfaction at all phases from production to the packaging.

        Setting off with a passion, and continues its journey with the motto of “The Master of Glass”, Efe Glass that ensouls the glass through fire, art and love will keep growing in the sector with the Environmental Awareness and Social Responsibility, and contributing to the world’s glass culture with new artworks.

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“Artistic souls touch to the fire with love for adding new gifts to your lifes and futures…„